58 Democrats in Congress Just Voted to Impeach President Trump (Details)


In an unexpected twist, a high number of House Democrats voted Wednesday in favor of launching impeachment proceedings against the president. The ever-growing revolt among liberals against the Trump administration making it’s presence known in a show of support that was previously just speculation.

In a vote of 364 – 58 to table Congressman Al Green’s resolution, which laid out articles of impeachment against the president, 126 House Democrats, and every Republican, voted the resolution down.

Two Democrats that down voted the resolution were Minority Whip Steny Hoyer and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Both Democrats announced their intentions before the vote was held, but insisted that the ongoing investigation into the Trump campaign and potential collusion with Russia is a more important focus of resources.

Rep. Pelosi and Rep. Hoyer said:

‘Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment.’

Despite the investigations being carried out by Special Counsel Robert Mueller 58 Democrats voted against tabling the resolution, including Rep. Al Green.

In a statement, Green said:

‘The resolution received fifty-seven more votes than many expected. This is the first vote, but it will not be the last.’
Many of the Democrats who voted in favor of impeachment proceedings have filed their own articles of impeachment against Donald Trump in the past.

Green’s articles of impeachment cited Donald Trump’s disgraceful response to the violence that erupted during a white supremacist rally between racists and counter protesters. The congressman noted Trump’s proclivity for attacking professional football players kneeling in protest against police brutality as proof of Trump’s inability to unite the nation and highlight the levels to which he will stoop to divide the country.

The articles of impeachment submitted by Rep. Al Green revisit Trump’s bullying behavior when he attacked Rep. Frederica Wilson, who witnessed a conversation the president had with the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, killed in combat in Niger in October. During that conversation, Trump told the pregnant widow that her husband knew what he signed up for. The president denied all accusations, insisting he was nothing but respectful. Wilson became the focus of attacks after she spoke out about the conversation. Rep. Wilson was among those who voted against tabling the impeachment proceedings.

Below you can view a clip of Rep. Al Green as announced plans to hold a vote for Donald Trump’s impeachment on the House floor:

Ultimately, the Trump impeachment effort was voted down. Video courtesy of the Washington Post:

MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin shared news of the vote on Twitter, as it happened.