Ana Navarro just completely shredded Trump’s Economic Adviser with one simple statement


Stupidity seems to be contagious in this Trump White House. The morons that Trump has decided to surround himself with do nothing but highlight his overall lack of experience and intelligence. What he really needs is experts in their fields, instructing him on the proper way to lead this country. But, unfortunately for us, the only person Donald Trump will listen to – is himself.

This week, after a humiliating appearance at the G7 summit, followed by a scathing press conference by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Donald Trump instructed his cast of evil underlings to discredit and insult the respected foreign leader through a series of hurtful interviews.

It didn’t take long for many to tweet out their reactions to such immature behavior. One of the most beloved anti-Trump voices on Twitter has got to be political analyst, Ana Navarro.

On her official feed, she wrote, “Good grief. Another one drinks the kool-aid. Now Kudlow joins Giuiliani in the ranks of senile, crazy uncles ranting and raving around the Thanksgiving table.” What a hilariously apt assessment.

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