Breaking: Barack Obama Strikes Back At Trump With a New Record


Former President Barack Obama just set a new record with Obamacare signups, despite Trump’s attempts to cut back funding and outreach for the program.

In the first few days of open enrollment so far, enrollment is already far and above the same enrollment period in previous years. That’s a huge success, despite the Trump administration’s insistence that Obamacare is failing.

Per the Hill:

“On the first day of enrollment alone, Nov. 1, one source close to the process told The Hill that more than 200,000 people selected a plan for 2018, compared with about 100,000 last year. More than 1 million people visited that day, compared to about 750,000 last year, the source said.

It is still early in the process and it is unclear how the final sign-up numbers will come out. Sign-ups early in the enrollment season are often people renewing their coverage, not new enrollees.”

Because of Trump’s actions, people will only have half as much time as they did last year to enroll for healthcare coverage. It’s even been rumored that Trump is flirting with the idea of signing an executive order that will bypass the individual mandate requirement, which could set a tailspin in the marketplace.

Earlier in the year, Trump cut the program’s outreach by more than 90 percent, yet it is still posting record numbers.

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