Biggest car rental conglomerate just cut ties with NRA following Parkland tragedy


In the tumultuous aftermath of last week’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, the NRA has been front and center as the organization continues to stump for the continued – even increased – presence of guns on school grounds.

As Americans push back, one rental car conglomerate has ended its relationship with the NRA. Enterprise Holdings, which operates Enterprise, National, and Alamo, had previously offered discounts to NRA members, a program which will be discontinued as of March 26.

The move follows a public campaign to target companies doing business with the gun lobby group. Americans are exasperated with the Republican Party’s glaring inaction in the face of such a maddening gun culture in the country, and see the NRA as the driving force behind it all.

It seems that the NRA’s days of tenuously hiding behind the Second Amendment while American children are murdered have finally come to an end.