Breaking: New York’s Trump Tower On Fire


A fire broke out on the roof of The Trump Tower in Manhattan early Monday morning. 2 people have been injured and 84 firefighters have been called to the scene. Reportedly, the fire started in the cooling vents which are on the roof. The building itself is safe the Dailymail reports.

Both of the injured are firemen. One of them breathed smoke and the other one was hurt when debris fell on him. They said, “We had flames coming out of those vents. No smoke conditions, no fire inside the building. Our units got up there quickly.”

Here are a couple of videos from the scene:

Interestingly, President Trump lives on the top 3 floors of the tower which serves both as his primary residence and central office. Trump wasn’t in the tower when the incident happened.

Some people praised the firemen for their bravery:

After this report, many were concerned about the controversial president’s presence in the building. Should Trump have been present there, the news would have taken a completely different turn. While he will probably will be the worst president in American history, we are glad he wasn’t hurt in the incident.

Trump’s administration has been in trouble for long and this news would be pretty disturbing for him. We should expect a tweet from Trump blaming the incident on someone soon.