Breaking: Roy Moore Just Got More Devastating News


The Republicans have once again proven themselves to be sour sports when it comes to the loss of a Senate seat. Roy Moore was already loathed and despised BEFORE results came to bear – and now the public has no interest in him, outside of seeing him convicted for sexual assault and misconduct.

roy moore video

At around 11:30 p.m. on the December 12th election night, Roy Moore decided to announce that he would not yet concede the race agains his Democratic rival, Doug Jones. All the major news outlets called the election in favor of Jones, but the stubborn Republican insisted he would be holding faith that Jones’ victory margin falls beneath 0.5 percent – thereby triggering an automatic recount, ordered under state law.

Moore preached:

“When the vote is this close, it is not over. And we’ve still got to go by the rules about this recount provision. And the Secretary of State has explained it to us … What we’ve got to do is wait on God and let this process play out.”

The latest vote tally, however, has Jones beating Moore by 1.5 percent with all precincts reporting, and Alabama’s (Republican) Secretary of State says it is unlikely that other ballots yet to be counted will trigger a recount:

Jones, by all measures of morality and ethical standards, is the correct choice for the state of Alabama, and a big feather in the cap of the Democratic Party. The people finally spoke, putting to rest the fear that an accused pedophile could make his way high into public office – a very scary thought, indeed.

dough jones

Congratulations go out to Doug Jones and the Democratic Party. Some Americans feel as though there is hope, after all. Roy Moore attempted to call on God to “let this process play out;” well, it looks like he got his answer.

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