Canadian newspaper fired back at Sarah Sanders – Don’t talk to us about ‘nice’


During a press briefing this week, Sarah Huckabee Sanders attempted to argue that the U.S. has been “very nice to Canada for many years” while attacking the nation for supposedly taking “advantage of that” when detailing Canada’s retaliatory tariffs recently imposed on American products.

In a fiery response to Sanders’s remarks, The Toronto Star editorial board denounced the press secretary in an editorial on Wednesday.

“Canadians are accustomed to benign neglect and monumental indifference from the United States,” the editorial board stated. “We’re fine with that. That great American Al Capone once said, ‘I don’t even know what street Canada is on.’ We liked it that way.”

However, in regards to “taking advantage of America,” the editorial staff attempted to inform Sanders and call upon its readers to think about how Canada has treated Americans over the years.

“Let’s just say Canadian heroism in Tehran in 1979 in helping free American hostages, and Canadian generosity in 2001 after the terrorist attack on the U.S., not to mention Canadians sacrificing their lives in the Second World War two years before America got around to joining is hardly that,” the staff wrote

The staff also told it’s readers to think about “how nicely” Americans have treated Canada over the years.

“A lot of the time, what with you marching around ranting about ‘Manifest Destiny’ or ’54-40 or Fight,’ we were never all that sure whether you were friend or foe,” the editorial board added.

“Benjamin Franklin once demanded the British surrender all of Canada to the fledgling United States,” the staff went on.

“We get it. You’re a superpower. We aren’t. You have 10 times our population. You bestride the globe like a Levis-clad, Bud-drinkin’, rock’n’rollin’ colossus,” the board said. “But still. We live right next door. We’re the first at your door when you need a hand. You’d think that would count for something.”

“And your boss, Ms. Sanders, couldn’t spell nice if you spotted him both the vowels,” the newspaper concluded.

Read The Toronto Star editorial board’s article here.