CNN Just Said To Trump What No One Else Dare To Say


After President Trump tweeted on Monday, calling anchor Don Lemon the “dumbest man on television”, CNN attacked Trump for cyber bullying and said that it’s sad to see the President setting such a poor example for American children. Trump has been attacking many media outlets and news anchors on Twitter recently, referring to everything as “fake news”.

A CNN spokesperson said, “In a world where bullies torment kids on social media to devastating effect on a regular basis with insults and name-calling, it is sad to see our President engaging in the very same behaviour himself. Leaders should lead by example.”

Many Republicans have argued that since CNN has been very aggressive in its criticism of the President that the network is no longer capable of being fair to the Trump administration, and is more concerned with attacking him personally

This comes just shortly after CNN released a story on Friday reporting that Donald Trump Jr. had received access to hacked emails from WikiLeaks a week before they were released to the public.

This report was presented as direct evidence of collusion with Russians during the presidential campaign, but was later retracted with the correction that Trump Jr. was only notified once WikiLeaks had already published the hacked emails online.

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