CNN just revealed the reason Trump promoted his physician to VA Secretary


In the latest in a long list of departures, Donald Trump took to Twitter today to fire Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, replacing him with the White House physician, Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson.

In a revelation as pathetic as it is predictable, CNN’s Jim Acosta offered some rationale for the promotion of a physician with no management experience.

It seems that Jackson’s decision to vouch for Trump during a January press conference has finally paid off. Jackson discussed the results of Trump’s physical exam, going so far as to record the president’s weight at 239 pounds, conveniently putting him one pound shy of obese, and touting Trump’s 30 out of 30 score on a cognitive exam that includes identifying animals like lions and camels.

The promotion of a wholly unqualified individual to serve as a cabinet secretary is further proof that Trump values loyalty above merit. Even after a staggering number of departures, he continues to stick with his failing model as his administration continues to go down in flames.