CNN reveals it all, says what no one dared to say about Jared Kushner (Details)


Following recent questioning of the security clearance status of President Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner, CNN’s legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin just tore into Trump’s usage of nepotism during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Thursday. He called out Kushner for being a member of “a lucky sperm club.”

Toobin asked Cooper, “Isn’t the problem nepotism? That’s really what this is all about. Jared Kushner is not qualified for the job he’s doing. His only qualification is that he’s the President’s son-in-law. He’s a modestly successful real estate developer of his father’s company, a lucky sperm club.”

“This is why presidents shouldn’t appoint close relatives to be their top advisers because they can’t be treated like everyone else,” he continued.

Toobin added, “He shouldn’t have this job in the first place, and who knows if he should have a security clearance. It’s absurd that it hasn’t been resolved one way or another.”

On Tuesday, The New York Times reported that Kushner has resisted giving up his high-level access to classified White House information amidst controversy regarding the security clearance process following the resignation of former aide Rob Porter.

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