BREAKING: Congress Just Accused Trump’s Attorney General Of Perjury (VIDEO)


Congressman Ted Lieu says that Congress now has evidence of collusion in the Trump/Russia investigation and that President Trump was “very well aware of it.” He made the remarks on CNN with host Wolf Blitzer.

Lieu also told Blitzer that there’s evidence of Attorney General Jeff Sessions committing perjury and says that he should resign, effective immediately:

“He lied under oath at least twice and most recently, both Carter Page and George Papadopoulos, based on their testimony and their statements, they show that Jeff Sessions contradicted himself when he said he was not aware of any campaign official talking to the Russians.”

“The top law enforcement official in the United States cannot have committed a crime and still be there….He committed perjury. He should not be in that position,” said Lieu.

Sessions claims he “doesn’t recall” talks about arranging a meeting with Putin, but former Trump campaign adviser J.D. Gordon, who attended the meeting with Papadopoulos and Sessions, says that Sessions “vehemently” opposed the idea and immediately rejected it. When he could have told Congress, he simply chose not to (likely to prevent bad press coverage).

Because of this new testimony, Sessions is now facing bipartisan calls to clarify his earlier remarks. Special Counsel Robert Mueller could even go after him and he could face criminal prosecution. That would likely be a further blow to Trump, who just recently went through the turmoil of having his former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, arrested by the FBI for “conspiracy against the United States,” among other charges.

Trump could technically fire his attorney general for all of this, but then things could get even murkier. He would be pressed with appointing a new attorney general, and because that person wouldn’t have any conflicts of interest with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, that person could technically fire Mueller too, thus ending the Russia investigation by a non-Trump appointee. Nobody wants to see that happen.

So, even though Sessions lied and perjured himself, the best thing might be for him to stay right where he is, at least for now.
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