Conservatives Are Boycotting Jim Beam Whiskey Because Of Something Mila Kunis Said, And It’s Preposterous


While promoting her movie Bad Moms Christmas on “Conan,” Mila Kunis revealed that every month, she donates to Planned Parenthood…in Vice President Mike Pence’s name.

“I disagreed with some of the stuff that Pence was doing and was trying to do,” Kunis said.

“And so, as a reminder that there are women out there in the world that may or may not agree with his platform, I put him on a list of reoccurring donations that are made in his name to Planned Parenthood.”

Kunis knew this wouldn’t go over well, and even started the story off with “This is when the hate mail comes my way ― I apologize if I’m offending anybody.”

She was correct. Pro-life advocates lashed out on Twitter with the hashtag #BoycottBeam” until Jim Beam fires Kunis as the spokesperson.

Neither Jim Beam nor Mila Kunis commented. They didn’t really have to.