We f–king don’t like you : ‘Doctor Who’ rips Trump on ‘behalf of the Scottish nation’ (Video)


President Trump’s tariffs on Europe had all but destroyed U.S. trade relations with our closest allies. It appears as though the leader’s inflated ego is too big to notice that no one likes him. (Video below)

David Tennant a Scottish actor famous for portraying the role of “Doctor Who” slammed President Trump “on behalf of the Scottish nation” over the weekend.

“When he was over here and he was talking about England and he was saying ‘I’m going out to Scotland for my golf course in Scotland cause people in London are protesting, but obviously in Scotland they really like me, ‘ ” Tennant detailed during an appearance on a British TV show, “can I say on behalf of the Scottish nation, we f—ing don’t?”

Tennant, who rose to fame after landing the part of the “Tenth Doctor” in the British television series “Doctor Who,” made the comments during an appearance on “The Last Leg” on Friday.

Trump was swarmed by thousands of protesters during his controversial visit to the United Kingdom in early July.

The president announced at the beginning of the trip that he thinks that citizens in the region “like me a lot,” despite the reports of several organized protests, including one which displayed a 20-foot-tall inflatable baby bearing his face that was flown during his visit.

Trump later informed The Sun newspaper during the visit that he felt “unwelcome” in London due after hearing about the protests.

“I guess when they put out blimps to make me feel unwelcome, no reason for me to go to London,” Trump said before leaving for Scotland, where he was also met with several large-scale protests.