Donald Trump Just Got Bad News About The Investigation Into Trump Jr.


Donald Trump Jr. has — in the first year of his father’s presidency — quickly emerged as the frontrunner for most incompetent member of the Trump team, a staggering accomplishment considering the unparalleled level of corruption and ignorance that infects the ignominious group from top to bottom.

His constant bumblings, self-incrimination, and idiotic grandstanding have made him a widely mocked public figure, but the characterizations of Don Jr. as a clown (while correct) threaten to overshadow the severity of his crimes.

It’s important to recognize that yes, he is a fool, but he is also a dangerous fool who may have undermined American democracy.

Hopefully, the probes into his behavior will expose his wrongdoings and bring the entire administration crashing down. Now, it appears we have taken a major step in that direction.

CNN reports that Trump Jr. has agreed to speak to the House Intelligence Committee as part of their ongoing investigation into Russia interference in the 2016 election. The appearance is slated for December 6th and will be a closed-door hearing.

Presumably, the Committee members will want to question him about his meeting with Kremlin-linked Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya, which he attended in the hopes of getting dirt on Hillary Clinton. The House and Senate have both already questioned other meeting attendees.

There is also increased interest around the president’s vile offspring in light of recent revelations that he corresponded directly with Wikileaks. Wikileaks is suspected of functioning as an apparatus of Russian intelligence agencies to swing the American election.

While it’s unclear what Donald Trump Jr. will say during his hearing, his track record shouldn’t exactly inspire confidence from his father. Trump Jr. is a spoiled beneficiary of congenital nepotism who lacks even a rudimentary understanding of consequences. He thinks he’s immune to criminal charges and that entitled mindset may be what ends up waltzing him right into them with open arms.