Trump just went completely berserk on Twitter over ‘Nunes Memo’


Whenever Trump fails miserably, he vents his frustrations by flinging playground insults on Twitter. Last week, Trump was embarrassed by the Nunes Memo, which had promised to deliver the dirt on the DOJ that Republicans needed to derail Mueller’s probe. Even after Republicans tailored the memo to their advantage, they came up empty.

Today, Trump attacked Rep. Adam Schiff. The president played one of his typical cards by accusing Schiff of being a “leaker.” He once accused James Comey of being a leaker after he had fired him.

Rep. Adam Schiff fought valiantly last week to keep Americans informed about Republican deception. He openly opposed the release of the Nunes memo and exposed Republicans for altering the memo before handing it over to the White House.

Trump tweeted, “Little Adam Schiff, who is desperate to run for higher office, is one of the biggest liars and leakers in Washington, right up there with Comey, Warner, Brennan and Clapper! Adam leaves closed committee hearings to illegally leak confidential information. Must be stopped!”

CNN’s Manu Raju later reported, “House Intel very likely to approve release of Schiff’s memo today. At that point, Trump will have five days to object to or allow its release.