Donald Trump is under investigation by FBI for suspicious $300 Million Contract


No matter what he does, there’s going to be a layer of suspicion looming around Donald Trump for the remainder of his sh*tty life. There’s, literally, not an honest, or genuine thing about this monster. He defines “inauthentic.”

And even when the people of a hurricane-stricken island are pleading for help, Donald still saw that as an opportunity to make a little cash on the side.

The hiring of the small Montana company, Whitefish, to restore the power back to the people of Puerto Rico has raised numerous eyebrows.

Ryan Zinke, a top Trump official, is from this very same small town. And, instead of hiring a much more qualified organization for the job, they decided to sign a $300 million dollar contract with Whitefish.

donald trump fbi investigation

Coincidence? Of course not, guys.

Many people, even citizens of Puerto Rico, have called for an investigation into this suspicious contract.

Now the FBI is asking questions, too, as they’ve launched a formal investigation into the whole ordeal. Hopefully, in due time, they’ll be able to uncover some critical evidence which could be used against Donald Trump during a future impeachment hearing.

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