Donald Trump furious after DC Hotel gets slapped with terrible news


While Trump has found ways to profit off his presidency, he has also found ways to lose money through his harsh rhetoric. After he called Haiti, El Salvador, and several African nations “sh*thole countries,” a heroic American projected the word “shithole” on Trump’s hotel in Washington D.C.

Trump has since denied calling the predominantly black nations “sh*thole countries” and admonished Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin over telling reporters the truth about what Trump said. Republican Sen. Cotton and Perdue defended Trump, only to be called out for their lies shortly afterward.

Americans protested Trump’s “sh*thole” comment by flooding his D.C. hotel’s Yelp page with one-star “sh*thole” reviews. The protest was a massive success because Trump’s property has already dropped two stars.

According to CNN, almost 800 people wrote negative reviews for Trump’s D.C. hotel last week alone. Before last week, Trump’s property had a four-star rating, but now the hotel has a measly two-star rating.

After seeing the effectiveness of the Yelp protest, people have begun doing the same to other Trump properties in Chicago, Hawaii, and his beloved Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida that was recently cited with a long list of health violations.

Yelp must now decide if keeping the negative reviews intact is fair.

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