Donald Trump Goes Completely Berserk on Twitter


President Donald Trump has once again taken up his Twitter throne, and to all who are curious, his reputation remains. After a less-than-enthusiastic address that Trump claimed would “unite the country,” he went straight back to attacking Democrats with the CAPS lock stuck, and rallying for a one-party state.

Trump’s next stop was the Republican Retreat in West Virginia, where he made some ignorant remarks concerning the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and mocked the “DREAMers,” which is an acronym for the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) act.

Trump, however, did not stop at attacking the Democrats. The President also took the opportunity to boast with regards to his “crowd,” or, more appropriately, his viewing audience, was “the highest number in history.”

Trump gave a special shout-out to Fox News for what Trump would consider “winning,” as he congratulated the network, stating that they “beat every other Network.”

Similar to President Trump’s ridiculous and overblown claims that he had the biggest inauguration crowd in history, he is outright lying when he boasts of these so-called “record numbers.” In fact, Trump’s viewership couldn’t even beat his OWN record, as it dropped by 2 million viewers since last year, when he addressed Congress.

Just as President Trump claimed that he held the biggest inauguration crowd in history, his insistence that he held record viewership numbers is a farce. In fact, he didn’t even break his own record from his address to Congress last year – which has fallen since, by 2 million viewers

Trump failed to mention that he was beaten by Barack Obama, who drew in 48 million viewers for his 2010 State of the Union; and Bill Clinton had nearly 46 million in 1994. However, no one has even come close to George W. Bush, who, in the two years after the September 11th terrorist attack, had 52 million viewers in 2002, and a staggering 62 million in 2003.