Donald Trump Just Got Hit With Some Devastating News


Donald Trump is a monster who only subsists on corruption and greed. Nothing else runs through the veins of this heinous creature we’re forced to call the President of the United States. There hasn’t been ONE thing Donald J. Trump HASN’T f**ked up since being sworn in damn near a year ago.

One of the more recent blunders that he’s responsible for is drastically shrinking the size of some very important national parks in this country.

This was obviously a money move on the part of the POTUS, and millions of Americans were outraged when they first heard the news. One proud American, Yvon Chouinard, the CEO of Patagonia, formally announced plans to sue Donald Trump for this insanely misguided political decision.

After those plans to take legal action went public, one particular Republican, Rob Bishop from Utah offered to have the CEO come in and discuss the multiple grievances with a committee of government officials. When Chouinard received this offer, the Patagonia exec immediately turned it down.

When asked why this offer to meet with members of Congress was rejected, Chouinard said, “I find it disingenuous that after unethically using taxpayers’ resources to call us liars, you would ask me to testify in front of a committee for a matter already decided by the administration and applauded by the Utah delegation just a week ago.”

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That wasn’t all. Chouinard added, “It is clear the House Committee on Natural Resources, like many committees in this failed Orwellian government, is shackled to special interests of oil, gas, and mining and will seek to sell off our public lands at every turn.

Chouinard concluded this statement by saying these Republicans probably aren’t, “working in good faith with this invitation.” And Chouinard’s probably right. Donald Trump NEVER does anything in “good faith.”

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