Donald Trump just launched an unprovoked attack on the Supreme Court


Trump just revealed just how little he understands about how the judicial system works in this country with a dangerous attack on the judicial branch rule of law. He tweeted this morning about the ongoing argument over gerrymandering in Pennsylvania.

Earlier this month, Pennsylvania Republicans asked the Supreme Court to block at decision by the State Supreme Court ordering them to redraw the state’s congressional map after it was ruled unconstitutional.

Justice Samuel Alito rejected the GOP’s request, which meant that the map was redrawn to be more fair to both parties.

So Trump’s tweet completely ignores the judicial process that’s already taken place, and only because the outcome wasn’t favorable to his interests.

A group of voters persuaded the Pennsylvania state supreme court that the map was unconstitutional. The Democratic-majority court ruled on January 22 that the map did, in fact, need to be redrawn so that districts were more compact and that counties and towns should only be split when necessary to maintain population quality.

Pennsylvania’s representatives are split 13-5 in favor of Republicans since they redrew the congressional map in 2011. But Democrats have about 800,000 more registered voters than Republicans in the states.

The new map will be in place in time for the May 15 congressional primaries.

Trump is no doubt running scared as the Republicans face major upheaval going into the November, 2018 midterm elections. Republican lawmakers are retiring in droves, and Democrats have been flipping one traditionally red seat after another at all levels of government since Trump’s election.

It looks more and more likely that Republicans will be facing a Blue Wave in November, and losing the advantage in a purple state like Pennsylvania puts them in an even more precarious situation. Pennsylvania was hotly contested in the 2016 Presidential race, stunning experts and political operatives when formerly reliably blue districts went for Trump. With a Congressional map that’s redrawn to minimize bias towards Republicans, an upset like that looks less and less likely, and Trump seems to know it.