President Trump’s Old Tweet About Obama Comes Back to Haunt Him


This week, Donald Trump displayed his world-class hypocrisy to the millions of Americans calling for his removal from office. The way in which D.J. Trump is able to dance around morals and tip-toe around ethics is extremely graceful – especially for someone his age. Such was the case recently when Donald Trump hosted a Hanukkah event at the White House – almost a week before the holiday actually starts. Why is this an issue?

Well it wouldn’t be…had Donald Trump, himself, not had beef with Barack Obama for holding a similar event prior to the actual holiday. Don’t believe us? How about we let dumb ol’ Donny Boy do the talking.

What a complete a**hole. Man, I would love to see Trump be forced to answer questions about this statement, instead of having his favorite sycophantic mouthpiece, Sarah Huckabee Sanders do all the lying for him.

As soon as this tweet hit the Internet, it was met with nothing but criticism – just like every other one of his asinine statements.

F**king Mar-A-Lago. We hate that pile of Floridan dog sh*t. We wonder how much Donald would’ve lost his mind had Barack Obama insisted on spending the majority of his time at a place called “OBAMA TOWER” or some other obnoxiously non-elegant named establishment.

Plus, with Donald’s constant crying of “Bringing Christmas Back,” we doubt he even paid attention to any of proceedings. His bigotry knows no bounds, and if he wasn’t politically obligated to acknowledge the Jewish population in this country, he wouldn’t. Americans have been begging Congress to impeach this monster, but the House recently voted against moving forward with such an action. Now, all of our hopes lay in the hands of Robert Mueller, and his expert investigative team over there at the FBI. Go get ’em, fellas!

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