Dying Woman Delivers Knockout Punch Of The Ages To Donald Trump


Melinda Welsh, a former editor of Sacramento News & Review, is dying from cancer. She told The Los Angeles Times that she’s extremely fortunate to have finished chemotherapy and hopes to live long enough to see President Donald Trump leaving office.

Despite treatments of chemotherapy and radiation, doctors told Welsh not to expect to live beyond a year. When she achieved that, she felt optimistic. She wrote to The Los Angeles Times:

“The president represents the flip side of everything I love about America,” she said. “He traffics in fear and has divided us into warring camps on issues of race, gender, football — you name it. He builds walls, figuratively if not yet literally.”

Welsh said above all else, she fears the level of damage done by the Trump administration will take decades too-long to reverse and she cannot wait for the day Donald Trump is no longer in office.

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“I’ve never been a bucket-list person,” she wrote, “but I do now have one wish before I die: That Trump be banished from office, our country’s ideals upheld and America set back on its imperfect but still exceptional trajectory toward the light.”