Elizabeth Warren Just Slammed The Republican Party in Response to The Tax Scam’s Passage


In the early hours of Saturday morning, before a single member of the Senate had a chance to read the bill’s pages’ of hand-written lobbyist amendments, all but one Senate Republican voted to force through a hastily conceived overhaul of the U.S. tax code that will add billions to the coffers of the already wealthy and add serious hardships to working families.

elizabeth warren

Today, the Trump tax scam became a heist. But progressive champion Senator Elizabeth Warren isn’t done fighting, not by a long shot (post below).

Republicans voted in lock step to vote for their corporate and billionaire donors and threw more than 90% of their constituents under the bus. They may be one step closer to getting that elusive “win,” but at what cost?

Senator Elizabeth Warren has the answer and every Republican official and candidate in the country should be ashamed and shaking in their boots. 2018 is coming.

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