Evidence Surfaced Showing “Trump May Have Won With Falsified Votes”


It has long been established that Russia interfered in the 2016 election by stealing data from the DNC, and by putting their thumb on the scale by buying countless ads and pages on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, but the extent of their meddling goes to a much deeper, and much more chilling level. According to TIME magazine, there was at least one, and likely more, successful attempts at stealing voter information and private records, including things like partial Social Security numbers.

The hacking also involved manipulating voter data in at least one county database, although in the known case the changes were discovered, and, supposedly fixed before voting took place. According to multiple sources familiar with the investigation, congressional investigators are now looking into the possibility that this hacked information was given to the Trump campaign. Spokesmen for the Senate Intelligence Committees have thus far declined to comment on the record.

The crux of the investigations are looking at how the hacked data was used, and how these incredible intrusions into the privacy of the voters of the United States could have been used by Russia, and the Trump campaign, to undermine the integrity of the 2016 election.

Confirming that this was not an isolated event, Anthony Ferrante, former FBI cybersecurity official who was directly involved in preparedness and response to cyber intrusion, has said on the record, “At first it was one state, then three, then five, then a dozen”.

This is echoed by Michael Daniel, who was in charge of the Obama White House’s effort to stop Russian intrusion in the election, “We had to assume that they actually tried to at least rattle the doorknobs on all 50, and we just happened to find them in a few of them.”

All evidence suggests we are just scratching the surface of both the extent of the Russian interference in the election and the collusion of the Trump campaign directly with Russia to commit treason against the United States of America. Although it has yet to be confirmed that any vote totals themselves were changed, it is now not outside the realm of possibility that voting machines were directly hacked, and the vote count altered.

One top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Congressman Adam Schiff, said that although there is not currently evidence that hackers were able to directly access the voting machines, altering the counts, “the effect on the election is quite a different matter.”

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