An FBI Official just resigned hours before Nunes Memo Vote


Among the many dangers posed to American society by the Trump administration is that of the president’s repeated, continued attacks on the nation’s justice system. With his own team under investigation for possible criminal activity, including possible collusion with Russia in their efforts to alter the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, he’s had ample motivation to try to bend the nation’s justice system to his wishes.

Among the many ways in which he’s attempted to do such a thing is his abrupt firing of FBI Director James Comey last May. Comey, at the time of his firing, was helping lead the Russia investigation, and his dismissal catalyzed obstruction of justice allegations against the president.

After Comey was fired, Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe took over as Acting Director until Trump got his own nominee — Christopher Wray — confirmed to fill the post.

Ever since that appointment, Trump has seemingly had McCabe in his sights, eyeing him as indicative of the supposedly pro-Clinton, anti-Trump underside of the nation’s justice system, something he’s constantly paranoid about.

In the course of his attacks on McCabe, he made up details about his wife’s failed Virginia state Senate run for the purpose of making him seem more biased than he really is.

Now, in the face of all of this, McCabe has, according to NBC, left his position, although he’s reportedly staying on the FBI’s payroll until he’s eligible to retire with full benefits in March.

McCabe has worked at the agency since 1996, and there have been reports that the Trump team has been pressuring the FBI to have him step aside for some time. McCabe has also been rumored to be eyeing retirement for some time.