FBI Sends Threatening Message To The Entire GOP (DETAILS)


During the 2016 campaign, the Republican Party did just about everything in their power to destroy Hillary Clinton’s chance of winning the election even after witnessing the disastrous campaign of their fellow right wing candidate Donald Trump.

The GOP became morbidly obsessed with Clinton’s emails, declaring that the reason as to why she would be an unfit president. As their obsessions grew tremendously, House Republicans somehow managed to get their hands on the notes from Clinton’s interview with the FBI about her email server.

Though the GOP may count that as a “win”, the FBI has issued a crystal clear warning to these right wing nut-jobs that if they leak any of the notes found, they could possibly face prosecution.

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The FBI’s statement is as follows:

“Consistent with our commitment to transparency with respect to the FBI’s investigation to former Secretary of State Clinton’s use of a personal server, the FBI is providing certain relevant materials to appropriate congressional committees assist them in their oversight responsibilities in this matter. The material contains classified and other sensitive information and is being provided with the expectation it will not be disseminated or disclosed without FBI concurrence.”

Evidently, the GOP believes they have complete control over the FBI. Most recently, a member of the Republican Party said that he supported a “purge” of the FBI and Department of Justice, to root out bureaucrats biased against President Trump. Little do GOP lawmakers know, the FBI is capable of sending every single one of their corrupted souls behind bars, including Donald Trump. We need the FBI to hold these people accountable and remind them that despite their beliefs, they will never be above the law.