Federal Judge just ruined Trump’s day with major blow to his Administration


A federal judge proved his worth this Monday rejecting an overwhelming majority of the Trump administration’s lawsuit which sought to remove a series of California immigration laws, dealing a near fatal blow to the Justice Department’s efforts to punish sanctuary states.

According to The Hill, U.S. District Judge John Mendez shot down the part of the lawsuit which sought to remove Senate Bill 54, which restricts cooperation between local and state law enforcement and federal immigration enforcement. He also denounced an effort to deconstruct another law, Assembly Bill 103, which permits the California attorney general to review and report on immigrant detention facilities.

Mendez also threw away the section of the lawsuit which took aim at Assembly Bill 405, which looked to restrict private employers’ cooperation with federal immigration enforcement.

The Justice Department first slammed down the lawsuit against California back in March, claiming that the sanctuary laws effectively prevented federal efforts to enforce immigration policies.

However, Mendez denounced the argument, stating in his rejection of the Trump administration’s injunction this past week that “refusing to help is not the same as impeding.”

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, whose office is in charge of defending the state against the lawsuit, rejoiced at the news of the dismissals on Monday, declaring that it kept intact California’s right to determine how to protect its residents’ privacy and security.

“Today’s decision is a victory for our State’s ability to safeguard the privacy, safety, and constitutional rights of all of our people,” he said in a statement. “Though the Trump Administration may continue to attack a state like California and its ability to make its own laws, we will continue to protect our constitutional authority to protect our residents and the rule of law.”