Pages of Financial Doc. surfaced showing Trump took money from Russian Money Laundering Bank during Election.


The United States Office for Government Ethics has now released a 98-page document about Trump’s finances.

These papers clearly indicate that Trump is in fact directly profiting from the presidency. This is in direct violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. It also shows proof that he is largely in debt to foreign and domestic banks, but it points to one Russian detail that is very significant.

These documents reveal a deeply interesting detail regarding the Russia scandal. German-based Deutsche Bank was recently busted for laundering Russian money into clients’ hands in places such as New York City reported CNN.

This bank has also floated a long-term loan of two (or try four) to Trump. These “loans” are under questionable circumstances at best and very well could be Russian money that’s been handed to Trump in return for something else.

Notice the Deutsche Bank entires below…

The entire document can be found here, but it confirms that Trump actually did receive four loans from the bank and the last one came just before the presidential election was underway. This loan paid for the Trump International Hotel in D.C. that opened in 2016.

It’s not difficult to see why this entire exchange raises several levels of suspicion. It strongly confirms the possibility that Russia laundered money to Trump just as he began his campaign during which he went on to hire several senior advisers who had close ties to the Russian government.

When the Government Ethics office releases something this concerning about the President of the United States, people need to take notice and we can only hope that the right people are.