Former Top FBI Investigator: Kushner Is ‘Criminally Exposed’ on Russia and Money Laundering


Some have suggested former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, others have point to Michael Flynn, who was the former National Security Adviser under Trump’s administration but who truly is the key to special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russiagate?

An ex-FBI official who appeared on MSNBC’s Sunday show has said that Jared Kushner is the person who has the most to fear. Frank Figliuzzi, who served as Assistant Director for Counterintelligence, commented: (see video below)

“I’ve actually said before here on MSNBC that I think Kushner is criminally exposed. I think there’s concerns about the family money. We’ve already heard reports that one of the factors in deciding to fire Jim Comey or not may have been that he was getting close to financial issues with the Kushner family.”

Betsy Woodruff of the Daily Beast, who has covered the Trump-Russia story since the beginning, agreed with Figliuzzi and also noted that Kushner’s upcoming interview with the Senate Judiciary Committee has the White House on edge:

“It goes without saying that the White House is going to be deeply concerned about the fact that Kushner is doing this interview. Back to even before even the Mueller/Special Counsel investigation got going… one of the biggest areas of concern for the White House about this investigation was… the finance piece. They’ve long been worried that investigators, as they dig into these potential Kremlin connections, will overturn other questionable financial dealings, and we also know that Jared Kushner and his family’s business have drawn the attention of investigators for other matters… the financial question may be front of mind for the Senate Judiciary Committee.”

From the beginning, the entire Trump-Russia story has been about money. Both Kushner and Trump are suspected of having laundered money for criminal enterprises and Russian oligarchs to finance real-estate deals. Both Kushner and Trump thought they could get away with their crime. But Mueller is about to prove them both wrong.