Watch: Former US President roast Donald Trump on Live Television


Former President Jimmy Carter came forth this Friday to suggest that America “kind of” wants the president to be a “jerk,” in an obvious jab towards President Trump.(Video below)

“Does America kind of want a jerk as president?” CBS host Stephen Colbert questioned the former president on his show.

“Apparently from this recent election, yes,” Carter responded. “I never knew it before.”

Colbert then pressed Carter on what he believed the most important quality of a president should be.

“I used to think it was to tell the truth but I’ve changed my mind lately,” the former president added.

Colbert questioned Carter about his upcoming political plans.

“Is there any chance you’re running in 2020, because we could use a nice guy in the Oval Office,” the late night host joked.

“I think there’s an age limit,” Carter, 93, quipped.

However, Colbert did give Carter a gift in case he chose to run again: A t-shirt that stated “Carter 2020: Still Constitutionally Eligible.”

Carter also revealed that he often prays for Trump, hoping that he’ll “be a good president” and “he’ll refrain from using nuclear weapons.”

Meanwhile, a massive majority of American youth were revealed to oppose President Trump‘s agenda this week with most calling him “racist,” “dishonest,” and “unfit” to be president, according to a poll which was unveiled this Friday by The Associated Press.