Fox News’ Lou Dobbs Praises Trump: ‘You Have Accomplished So Much’


Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs is one of President Trump’s biggest supporters. He’s attacked Republicans including Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnel to defend Trump, and even called him “pretty close to perfect.”

And Trump, having gone too many hours without a proper ego stroke, sat down for an “interview” with Dobbs. The “journalist” started the interview by praising Trump for his so-called accomplishments:

“In 9 months in office, you’ve already accomplished more in the way of job creation… You have accomplished so much in that nine months and yet, as you say, we need tax reform. You’re meeting resistance from within your own party… from the Democrats. How do you move from here?”

So what exactly has Trump done that he should feel so great about?

He refused to pay subsidies to insurers in an attempt to make the Affordable Care Act fail. When that didn’t work, and Republicans couldn’t repeal and replace on their own, he signed an executive order to strip millions of Americans of the healthcare.

He pulled out of Paris Climate Accords, making America the laughing stock of the entire world. Literally, the entire world except for two other small countries signed the accords. Even North Korea care more about the environment than President Trump.

Speaking of North Korea, he put the world on the brink of nuclear warfare between a rogue nation run by a narcissistic man-child with daddy issues and Kim Jong-Un. One more threatening post from Trump could push the North Korean dictator to launch missiles at us.

And he called the grieving widow of Sgt. La David Johnson a liar.
He’s certainly done a lot—but that doesn’t mean it’s good. And like Dobbs points out. This is just the first nine months. There are still over three years left to go.

Watch video below: