Fox News’ Tomi Lahren goes after Joe Kennedy III and instantly regrets it


On Wednesday, Fox News’ mouthpiece and former host of “The Blaze” Tomi Lahren issued an apology for insulting someone in her rant on social media. Lahren didn’t hold back as she used a vulgar approach in describing Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D-MA) after he spoke up about President Trump’s State of the Union address this past Tuesday.

She said that Kennedy was a “little limp d*ck” and said his speech was “pathetic” and “embarrassing.” She concluded with “Oh. My. God.”

Even though she took the video down shortly after, IDR’s Josh Billinson had already copied it and she posted it on Twitter

This wasn’t the first time she insulted Kennedy. She had posted a video earlier, calling him a “little nasty ginger.”

She had also posted an Instagram photo, comparing Kennedy to Caitlin Jenner, but then deleted that also:

She issued an apology on Wednesday night, saying that she “got too upset” and that her comments were “inappropriate.”

This is probably the first time she’s ever really apologized for the garbage that has come from her mouth. Fox News probably threatened to take her job away if she didn’t apologize and smarten up.

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