Terrified Trump goes on an early morning Twitter rant about Russian “Witch Hunt”


As the Russia investigation steadily intensifies, Trump continues to show signs that he’s unraveling under the scrutiny.

He started off his Tuesday by having one of his regular meltdowns on Twitter. As he does every morning, he followed his routine of watching cable news for hours. This time, it was his favorite, Fox News.

He first tweeted comments made by Fox’s Jonathan Turley and Andrew Napolitano, the former insisting that Hillary Clinton is the criminal who should be getting investigated and the latter saying that collusion between Russia and members of the Trump camp is “implausible.”

Then, with no sense of irony, Trump went on to quote Ken Starr, the former judge and solicitor general who spent the entire Clinton presidency trying to find different ways to get Bill Clinton impeached — whether it was dragging out the Whitewater investigation that repeatedly brought up nothing of value, doing a poor job as special counsel to dispel the right-wing conspiracy theory accusing the Clintons of having deputy White House counsel Vince Foster murdered, or taking advantage of Clinton’s affairs to get him ousted.

Trump finished off his morning tweet session by posting his own thoughts: “WITCH HUNT!”

With every day that passes, there is more evidence pointing to the conclusion that Trump has obstructed office as president. In addition, there is ample proof, including emails published by Donald Trump Jr., showing that even if the Trump campaign didn’t actively collude with the Russian government, they still knew about the election meddling and chose to turn a blind eye because it was in their favor.

Trump’s latest tweets only prove that he recognizes the seriousness of what’s happening and can’t handle it.