Germany’s Angela Merkel just schooled Trump with one simple statement


If the United Nations were a playground, Donald Trump would be the kid who the other kids don’t want to play with because of his tendency to call them names and kick sand in their face.

According to The Hill, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stepped forth this Wednesday to caution against the growing reality of a trade war with the United States after several threats were slammed down by President Trump regarding heavy tariffs on auto imports from Europe.

Merkel informed German lawmakers that the feud between the U.S. and Europe over tariffs bears the warning signs of future “trade conflict” that could easily deteriorate into a full-on trade war if tensions don’t cool down, she explained.

“We now have tariffs on aluminum and steel and we have a discussion that is far more serious,” Merkel stated, referencing Trump’s threats to lay down tariffs on European auto exports to the U.S.

“This has the character of a trade conflict,” she added. “I don’t want to use any other word for now. It’s worth every effort to try to defuse this conflict, so it doesn’t turn into a war. But this obviously takes two.”

Trump announced back in May that he would be imposing steep tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from the European Union, Canada, and Mexico, angering many key U.S. allies who denounce the move as a dangerous economic protectionism.

The metal tariffs sparked several retaliatory measures centered on American products ranging from bourbon to blue jeans to motorcycles.

Trump has only amplified his threats of further tariffs on foreign goods, including a 20 percent tariff on all European cars shipped to the U.S.

The World Trade Organization cautioned in a new report published Wednesday that an increased number of trade restrictions could undermine global recovery and growth.

“The increasing tensions pose a real threat to the growth and recovery in all nations, and we are beginning to see this reflected in some forward-looking indicators,” WTO Director-General Roberto Azevêdo stated on Wednesday.