Rudy Giuliani delivers shocking announcement about Mueller and Trump interview (Details)


Rudy Giuliani has barely been on Trump’s legal team, and he’s already thrown his boss under the proverbial bus multiple times. And when any other administration would pull him away from the cameras, these bumbling idiots keep shoving this old moron in front of the spotlight any chance they can. And it’s only proving to have backfired on them – time and time again.

After incriminating his boss during numerous interviews, Rudy deemed it appropriate to appear “strong” in the media, and announced that he’s giving Mueller a “deadline” of May 17th to figure out all the details pertaining to his interview with Trump.

Specifically, Rudy said, “You need a sort of action-forcing event. I think that’s a good one for us, is the special counsel.” He elaborated that this sort of message is pointless, and doesn’t even necessarily mean anything has to happen by then. Adding, “I can’t walk into it and say ‘absolutely.’ I don’t speak for them. I don’t know if it can get complicated by another, you know, another situation where they – we find that they’ve engaged in misconduct.” What? Bumble a little more, you doofus.

This is a showcasing of feigned bravado. And it’s blatant. Anyone with 20/20 vision can see their guilt from a mile away. It’s truly only a matter of time before this whole administration feels the sweet, sweet sting of justice.