Government Shutdown Just Prevented Trump From Going to His Florida Party


During a press briefing, OMB Director Mick Mulvaney announced that Trump will not be going to Florida to attend his private party now that the government is shut down.


When a reporter asked if Trump was still going to Florida and then Davos on Monday, Mulvaney answered, “No. My understanding is that the president will not be going to Florida now and we’re taking Davos from the president’s perspective and cabinet perspective on a day-to-day basis.”

If it were up to Trump, a president who couldn’t be bothered to leave his vacation to greet the bodies of fallen Green Berets who were killed in an ambush in Niger, he would be heading to Florida for “his” party at his private club.

It is clear that the adults in the White House have grounded the president and are not letting him go have any fun at all until after the government shutdown is resolved. Republicans were worried that Trump was going to try to cut a fast deal with Chuck Schumer so that he could get to his party, but when the deal fell through, Trump blew a gasket because he may have to stay in Washington and pretend to do some work.

Trump won’t be spending the weekend with his rich friends in Florida deluding himself into believing that he is a successful president. Instead, Trump will spend the weekend in the White House mired in a shutdown that he created while hundreds of thousands of women and men protest his presidency.

One can imagine Trump stomping off to his bedroom and slamming the door after mean old John Kelly told him that he wouldn’t be going out this weekend. Here’s hoping that Trump doesn’t draft Kellyanne Conway to help him sneak out of the bedroom window.