Half a Dozen Trump Staffers Are Looking For Exits


In the midst of Michael Wolff’s book release, a new report states that the book could cause an exodus from the White House in the next few days as as more than a half a dozen members of his administration are looking for exits before the Russian probe scandal is revealed.

According to Axios, there’s quite a few people who might soon leave Trump’s cabinet especially after the book alleges that many of Trump’s top advisors think the president is thoroughly unintelligent.

Axios reports:

“More than half a dozen of the more skilled White House staff are contemplating imminent departures. Many leaving are quite fearful about the next chapter of the Trump presidency.”

On a side note, the feud between Bannon and Trump is still going on. Bannon has reportedly said in private conversations that he believes Trump only has a 30 percent chance of finishing his term because he may be impeached or removed from office under the 25th Amendment. At this rate, Trump will be out of the White House merely by not having enough staff members to complete his administration.

Staffer aren’t even able to use their cell phones while being in the White House, that alone could surely cause an outbreak of exits. Because of the childish actions of Donald Trump, an American Travesty is happening in Washington right before our eyes.

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