Just In: Hillary Clinton’s Major Announcement Is Making Trump Furious (Video)


The issue of sexual assault in America just rose to surface following the exposure of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, who used his position of power to lure actresses into challenging situations. Weinstein is also a prominent Democratic donor. Despite that, Hillary Clinton didn’t hold back when given the opportunity to say something publicly. She stated:

“Look, we just elected someone who admitted sexual assault to the presidency. So there’s a lot of other issues that are swirling around these kinds of behaviors that need to be addressed.”

“I think it’s important that we stay focused, and shine a bright spotlight, and try to get people to understand how damaging this is.”

She added, “The women coming forward is that that story will be told.” A-list actresses including Angelina Jolie and Kate Beckinsale have come forward to describe acts of sexual assault committed against them by Weinstein.

During Trump’s campaign, the release of the infamous 2005 “Access Hollywood” tape nearly derailed him, but somehow he managed to recover. On the recording, Trump talks about grabbing women between the legs without their authorization.

Watch the Video below:

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