Ivanka Trump Just Hit With New Lawsuit Over Potentially Illegal Business Scheme


Ivanka Trump takes after her father in the non-payment of vendors department. According to a report from TMZ today, Italian jeweler Raselli Franco is suing her jewelry company, Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, for failure to pay its bill.

Ms. Trump, who is worth upward of $740 million, bought $56,833 in fine jewelry from the wholesaler, but has not paid $21,222 of it, even after being granted an extension.

ivanka trump sued by italian jeweler raselli franco

To make matters worse, her business partner in her jewelry operation is 43-year-old “rich kid career grifter” Moshe Lax, a diamond heir Ms. Trump met during a Florida real estate deal.

Despite his rock-bottom reputation, the First Daughter renewed her licensing deal with Mr. Lax in 2011 and has served as a character witness in his numerous nonpayment legal battles, even though he has stiffed Trump herself a number of times in their licensing deal to use her name on his jewelry.

According to Politico, the ties between the shady Lax and the Trumps have remained strong during Donald Trump’s presidency:

On election night, Lax and his wife stood at the front of the ballroom at the Trump campaign’s victory party in New York, and Lax went on to visit Trump Tower during the transition, while Tiffany Trump attended the launch party for a new Lax venture in February. Ivanka Trump has even continued to rely on Lax’s advice in recent years: In depositions they gave for an unrelated case last summer, both Trump and her brother, Don Jr., cited advice they received from Lax in assessing another business partner.

With all of the political, legal, and media battles the Trump family have brought on themselves, one might assume they would cut ties with someone who only makes them look worse.

Perhaps the Trumps just don’t care, as they know their integrity can’t ooze any lower. Or perhaps Lax has compromising information about them, like the Russians do.

Either way, Ivanka Trump has hitched her wagon to a star that has nowhere to go but down.