Ivanka Trump just did something unthinkable to a world renowned philanthropist


So much for manners. Ivanka Trump has no idea how to behave in pleasant company, but can you blame her? Look how she was raised.

Ivanka seems to have had celebrity chef and outspoken Trump critic Jose Andres thrown out of the after party for the annual Alfalfa Club dinner in D.C. last night. Andres, who has worked tirelessly on the ground in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria to provide thousands of meals to people without power or water, posted on Twitter right after the incident.

Jorge Guajardo, the Mexican ambassador to China, was there as well and tweeted in support of Andres. He reported the detail that Andres was asked to leave because he made Ivanka uncomfortable.

Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain chimed in as well.

Jose Andres has been a vocal anti Trump activist. In addition to his work in Puerto Rico, he has advocated on behalf of immigrants and spoken out against Trump’s xenophobic and anti-immigrant statements and policies.

Andres was also in a legal dispute with the Trump Organization over a restaurant deal in one of Trump’s hotels. Andres was in talks to set up a restaurant at one of the hotels when he pulled out in response to Trump’s racist remarks about Mexicans. Litigation dragged on for two years before the Trump Organization finally settled.