Ivanka Trump Put On Blast For Misspelling & Misusing Words Like ‘Birthday’


The Trumps are undeniably wealthy. While we don’t know how much money the family has, it’s safe to say they’ve never had to worry about money problems and likely never will. They’re also fairly well-educated, at least in the sense that they went to expensive schools, but you wouldn’t know that from Ivanka Trump ’s Twitter feed.

The president’s daughter has a habit of making typos and misusing words on social media. In fact, it’s happened so much that a reporter has documented every instance where Ivanka Trump has misspelled or misused a word.

Obviously, everyone is going to make a few typos from time to time. That’s just part of life, but the more amusing part is when she misuses words. Typos are one thing, but not knowing the meaning or use of words is a bit harder to forgive, especially when you frequently sit-in on meetings between the President of the United States and foreign leaders.