James Comey Just Slammed the ‘Disappointing Nunes Memo’ Release Leaving Trump Furious


James Comey is no friend of Donald Trump. At every turn, he has spoken out against devastating moves the president makes for the country. Since his firing last year, Comey has been relentless in his pursuit to deliver a message to Americans and foreigners alike. This un-American behavior will not stand.

Now, the president has decided to make public a memo written by Congressman Devin Nunes. The U.S. intelligence community has urged the president not to release the memo due to many falsehoods within it, and to protect possible classified information that may comprise it

Upon it’s release, the memo fell flat, leaving many wondering what all the fuss has been about. One such person is former FBI Director James Comey. He tweeted this just minutes ago:

Trump is undoubtedly going to lose his mind over this one, and the ever-growing popularity of Comey tweets is certainly weighing heavy on his mind. This pushes Donald into a corner that he is hilariously continuing to try to get out of, leading us to ridiculous actions and speeches that no one can believe.

The internet response to Comey’s tweet was just as you might have imagined. Insane. We saved the best reactions for you below: