Jared Kushner Panics As Robert Mueller Goes After His Bank Records


The accounts of companies tied to Jared Kushner’s businesses have been subpoenaed. A report by the New York Times noted that it is unclear as to what the New York prosecutors are searching for, but it can’t be good.

It is well known that the German bank has provided Kushner’s companies with millions in loans over the years and there is a significant trading history between the bank and Kushner’s businesses.

“We are unaware of any inquiry directed at Deutsche Bank from the E.D.N.Y. and have no reason to believe there is one,” a Kushner Companies spokeswoman told The New York Times.

It is understood that the subpoena is not related to the special investigation currently underway into President Trump and his family and their connections to Russia, though it seems that in the past Special Investigator Robert Mueller had tried to pull Trump’s records from the bank. Any exposed fraud by the president’s son-in-law would affect his credibility with the Russia investigation.

The revelations will cause more concern to Trump and the first family. Not exactly known for their ethical business practices, it seems unlikely that Kushner is any cleaner in business than the Trumps.

While for now, it is unclear what is being looked for, it seems if there is anything there we will hear about it in the near future.

The constant attacks on Trump appear to be taking a toll on the president. As recently reported, Trump has been struggling with his performances in public and these events will not help. If there is any wrongdoing uncovered, sympathy for the controversial president will be in short supply. Many believe that Trump has brought most of his problems on himself and his shady business practices may be coming back to bite him. It seems that this also extends to his son-in-law.