Jason Chaffetz Just Shocked Republicans With A Tweet About Niger


Jason Chaffetz Just Shocked Republicans With A Tweet About Niger

With Congressional outrage growing over the lack of information forthcoming from the Trump Administration about the deadly attacks in Niger that left four US servicemen dead, the former Utah Republican Congressman and former chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Jason Chafetz has weighed in on the issue on Twitter.

jason chaffetz

Many Democrats and Republicans alike were shocked to see Chafetz’s tweet since his dogged partisanship during the Benghazi investigations was self-evident and because he had refused to initiate any investigations into the evidence of massive conflicts of interest at the start of the Trump administration before he resigned from his congressional seat to take a lucrative job at Fox News as a contributor.

If someone like Chafetz is calling for an investigation into one of the first major military scandals of the Trump era, you know that sentiment is turning and that the president is losing the trust of even his own party.

Hopefully, if an investigation is launched, it will prove more fruitful and less of a massive waste of taxpayer dollars than the multiple probes into the Benghazi incident which dragged on for years as a Republican attempt to harm the political prospects of Hillary Clinton and the reputation of President Obama and resulted in no findings of significance.