Jennifer Rubin: There’s a ‘Special Place in Hell’ for Kellyanne Conway (Video)


Perhaps the vilest member of the Trump administration is its infamous mouthpiece, Kellyanne Conway. Her sole purpose in life is to defend the president by any means necessary. She regularly appears on state-run Fox News to fill conservatives’ heads with the what they want to hear.

Kellyanne Conway recently defended Senate Republican candidate Roy Moore, despite the overwhelming evidence suggesting he preyed on underage girls when he was in his 30s.

Washington Post writer Jennifer Rubin appeared on MSNBC’s AM Joy to discuss the matter with a panel.

Host Joy Reid asked the group, “How on earth is a man accused serially of essentially being a child molester still up in any poll?”

Republican strategist Evan Siegfried answered, “It’s been an us versus them narrative where we have said as Republicans, if you don’t like a certain piece of news even if it’s factual, you can ignore it because it’s fake news. News is based upon opinions rather than facts in this type of world. At the same time people are making a moral justification, saying it’s better to have Roy Moore, who will vote the way we want to vote, than having Doug Jones Jones in there.”

He added, “That shows the moral rot in the party. When we defend a man accused of such horrible, disgraceful behavior, it makes people have a second look and say ‘why do we want to be a part of the Republican Party?’”

Rubin then chimed in: “There’s a special place in hell for mothers who defend accused child molesters, that would be Kellyanne Conway. I have no words to describe how atrocious and despicable this is.”

She continued, “You can’t kind of pass them off as some fringe group when the president of the United States, everybody in the White House, the head of the RNC, the vice president, the party has already embraced someone who has been seriously accused of sexual assault. That’s the president, that’s Paul Ryan, that’s Mitch McConnell, that’s everybody. To make this distinction that somehow there are good Republicans on this issue and bad Republicans — he has infested and deformed an entire national political party. I think they’re rotten to the core now.”

Watch the clip below: