Watch: Fox News Host Sexually Harasses Co-Host On Live TV


Jesse Watters of Fox News came under heavy criticism earlier this year when he made a crude joke about Ivanka Trump, remarking that he “liked how she was talking into” her microphone, clearly infusing his words with sexual undertones.

Now, Watters is under fire again after making more sexist comments on air. In a Fox News segment today about controversial costumes — including a particularly racist one that allows the purchaser to dress up as Trump’s Mexico wall — the commentators reviewed a “sexy border control agent.”

Watters looked at it and said that’s “KG,” a reference to his female co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle. Guilfoyle laughed awkwardly before another host quickly pivoted to the final costume, “Anne Frank.”

Guilfoyle, who has brunette hair, bears little resemblance to the blonde woman in the costume ad. Watters was clearly just taking the opportunity to casually sexualize and objectify his coworker. His comments come as the “me too” social media campaign, aimed at raising awareness of sexual assault and harassment, spreads across the country.

Video Below:

Fox has a severe sexual harassment problem. Their flagship host Bill O’Reilly was forced out amidst numerous allegations of misconduct. The late Roger Ailes, who helped found Fox News, was also forced to resign amidst his own, similar scandal. The mistreatment of women trickles down from the top of the network, and Watters is just the latest to engage in such behavior. He owes Guilfoyle and his viewers an apology.

The network worked overtime to elect Donald Trump, an admitted sexual predator, and accused rapist. Theirs is a toxic, boys club atmosphere where women are treated as commodities and every little slip up like this reveals just how deeply rotted the network is from the inside out.