Just In: Former Vice President Joe Biden Attacks Trump in Epic Tweets


Former Vice President Joe Biden has always been a lovable character in American politics, especially if you consider yourself a Democrat. While he can be quite the comedian at times, he also has the ability to quickly turn that comedy into dead seriousness.

Biden has long been friends with politicians on both sides of the aisle because of his personality and his overwhelming desire to really make America the best we possibly can be.

That’s why it was a bit sobering yesterday when Biden created a Twitter-thread about yesterday’s election results, taking direct aim at President Donald Trump. That thread read as follows:

One would think that President Trump is seething with anger this morning after reading Biden’s comments. Trump has endorsed several Republican candidates over the past month, most of whom were in the running yesterday and lost.

Taking a step back though, the GOP may begin losing more and more House and Senate seats as people try and elect politicians they know will not be supporters of Trump or follow in his footsteps of governing.

This leaves a question for many Democrats, of whether or not Joe Biden could be looking at a 2020 run for president. If he were to run, he would, at least at this very moment, be the favorite for Democrats. His only concern would be his age, as he would be 77 by the time he would take over as the 46th President. Surely he would have the endorsement of many Democrats including former President Barack Obama. Many pundits are pointing out that it’s possible he could run for a single term only, and be upfront about his plan to do so when he announces his candidacy.

We are still 3 years away from the next election and, as we all know, the political landscape could change significantly in that time, but a Biden run for office would, at least for now, be something Democrats could get excited about. Let us know your thoughts, in the comments section below.