Former VP Joe Biden Sends Out Heart Warming Wishes (Video)


Come Christmas morning, millions of Americans woke up to the sounds of their Twitter notifications. President Donald Trump wished Twitter a “Merry Christmas” not once or twice, but five times in a row, shortly after the Obama family published their own holiday tweet.

During the competition of Christmas spirit, former Vice President Joe Biden filmed a video tweet on Monday morning, sending a selfless request on the joyous day of celebrations. What did Biden ask? For Americans to commit “small acts of generosity.”

“As we gather to celebrate with the people we love, we’re reminded of what truly matters in our lives: our family and friends, our faith and perseverance, and our obligations to do good for those who need it most,” Jill Biden said in the Twitter video.

“It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the holiday — with shopping, travel and hosting — but remember that the gifts that stay with us are often simple: small acts of generosity and moments of uncommon kindness,” his wife, Jill, continued.

Biden addressed U.S troops and their families who couldn’t be together during this holiday season, saying they are with them in spirit. The former Vice President said it was American people who “inspired” his family to work with the wounded veterans and military personnel combating sexual assault.

Biden thanked Americans for being sources of inspiration.