Just In: Twitter Is Going Nuts After Our First Lady Embarrasses The Nation


On Friday, Melania had a private tour of the Great Wall of China.

CNN caught up with her there and landed an impromptu interview with her. But she is not much better than the president is with off-the-cuff remarks: whereas Donald either babbles incoherently or says exactly what’s on his mind, no matter how ill-advised it is, Melania sounds as natural and quick-thinking as one might expect a Slovenian fashion model to be.

Well, it’s my honor to be a first lady of the United States, and it was a very busy year. We love to live in Washington, we have a very busy life. It’s exciting, as well.

I’m looking forward to working on behalf of the children. It’s a lot of things that we need to take care of, and a lot of responsibilities. And it’s all part of being the first lady.

Earlier in the day, Melania visited the panda exhibit at the Beijing Zoo. There she said:

This visit to China is something I will never forget. President Xi and Madame Peng were gracious hosts, and I was honored to participate in many cultural experiences and personal conversations. I believe both of our countries made great strides during this trip, and I look forward to future visits.

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