Kids give their honest reviews of Trump’s first year – This is everything


“What is Trump known for?… Small fingers”

As we approached the end of Trump’s first year in office, U.S. adults seem to mostly agree that Trump has done poorly. We’ve seen lie after lie, golf game after golf game, and only 39% now think he’s doing a good job. This low breaks all records for presidential favorability after one year. (see video below)

But those polls only focus on the adults. What about the kids? They have the internet, they see Trump on TV, they hear their parents and others griping about him. What kind of effect is Trump having on them?

While there’s been no formal poll done of the children, the Jimmy Kimmel Show had some fun by taking their cameras to the streets and interviewing kids about Trump. The kids they found didn’t seem too enthused with the President’s performance.

One young lady was obviously upset over the talk about a border wall. She enjoys Mexico and doesn’t understand why Trump wants to build a wall between us.

A young boy was asked what he thinks of when Trump is mentioned. He answers, “Small fingers.”

Another sharp little guy says that Trump “needs to stop threatening North Korea because I don’t want to get nuked.”